We never refuse an extra pair of helping hands. Below are a few examples of how volunteers support our Community:

  • An extra pair of helping hands for Community events. Be that cleaning and catering, or helping with the preparation and planning;
  • The sharing of gifts and talents in gardening, arts and crafts, drama, music or any other skills people may have to offer to our wonderful day services;
  • Helping build Community in our homes. Spending time with the people who live there, sharing meals and helping with the cooking, cleaning and/or any other gifts people feel you may be able to bring;
  • Supporting people to go have fun by going on walks, enjoying cups of tea, going to the cinema and taking part in day trips;
  • Helping as a driver;
  • Helping with some of administration jobs in our central office.

If you feel you could share any of your gifts and skills with the Community, and have time to do so, please get in touch with our Head of HR and Operations, Sarah Dean at [email protected]