L’Arche London is a community of people with and without learning disabilities, based in
West Northwood, South London.

Spending lots of time at home, during the lockdown has shown us how much work our indoor spaces need.

Therefore the Courtyard and Garden Renewal Project is our Aspirational Project of 2020-21. It will rejuvenate our two open spaces: the Courtyard at the High Street will be transformed from its current barren state into a vibrant and
welcoming place; the Garden at Gothic Lodge will become fully accessible and safer, with a refurbished workshop to inspire our creativity and proper storage.

Phase 1 includes refurbishment of our charming chapel, Assisi House.   New double doors will open out into the Courtyard.
Inside Assisi House will be a brighter, comfortable, peaceful place for quiet reflection and religious celebration. 
It can be a more flexible space for meetings and workshops, and an invaluable isolation space, should infection spread again following Covid-19

Can you help us transform our Courtyard  into the vibrant, safer and  welcoming place envisaged above?

We’re looking for Volunteers to help us refurbish, make and decorate, plant and sustain. We would happily accept your donations and fundraising projects for this cause.

Asissi House (Prayer Hut) today                                  Inside Assisi House once all done